VoIP – The Benefits

Benefit from cost savings by using VoIP, through which simultaneous voice, email, data and video traffic is carried over the internet,  whether you are a single user or multiple site organisation.

Installation is simple, using either a VoIP converter with an analogue phone or IP telephone that plugs into the Ethernet wiring on the home router or office cabling, to create a standalone IP telephone system or have your solution hosted to reduce capital outlay.

Features such as voicemail, transferring calls, putting someone on hold, audio conferencing, web conferencing, calendar integration, SMS integration, click-to-call, call recording and call forwarding are embedded in the network.

  • Call costs to other users on the same solution are typically free.
  • Transparent connections to telephones at remote and home locations without the need for lease lines or re-routing devices.
  • A simplified system with one network architecture and one set of cabling reducing installation and maintenance costs.
  • A hosted solution reducing initial capital costs as well as maintenance costs.
  • Integration of diaries, contact manager and directories with the phone system.
  • Mobile workers can access their personalised settings via any PC or IP phone in any location. All they need is their password.
  • Easy to add new users, providing a flexible network that can grow quickly.
  • Details of all inbound and outbound calls can be captured and monitored, on the screen.
  • Call costs can be further reduced by barring types of calls that do not fit with company policy.
  • If your main office is out of action, then all calls can be handled by another site without customers ever knowing.
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