Broadband and Data

Clogged up and congested?

We offer range of products from a standard broadband service through to high speed guaranteed connections, leased circuits and SIP trunking.

Each organisation has very different requirements so if your data connection is not fast enough or you are looking to move premises talk to our consultant and establish:

  • The speeds you are receiving
  • The speeds you could receive
  • The speeds you require

We only offer a full business grade Broadband/leased line service with guaranteed contention ratios to ensure a high quality of service.

We cover all product types from standard products and Superfast Fibre services to leased lines and EFM services which are fully managed to ensure our 5 x 9’s reliability.

All of managed services are supplied with a cisco router which in the event of a failure will be replaced within our 2-hour service level.

When running our hosted system through these highly stable services we fully manage and monitor the bandwidth on your connection to fully support this so avoiding any interruption in your data speeds.

We will assist you with the transfer of service to Unity, either on site or remotely to minimise your downtime.

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