Calls and Lines

Whether you call the UK, mobiles, Europe, Middle East, Australasia, Asia, Africa, or America, we are able to offer you highly competitive rates, with no minimum spend or long term commitments.

Transfer your telephone lines and broadband services to Unity Communications and you will see your bills reduce further.

As we only use Tier 1 carriers to route your call traffic, you will receive no disruption in service or loss of quality and there is no cost to transfer your services.

Benefit from one single bill and one point of contact when you take advantage of our excellent call rates and line rentals for your telephone lines and broadband services through Unity Communications.

Monitor your call traffic and costs by:

  • Telephone Lines
  • Extensions
  • Departments
  • Number of Calls
  • Time Spent on the phone
  • Homeworker Costs


To help protect your business from the ever increasing amount of telephone fraud we can build in alerts to make you aware of any changes to your normal calling patterns.

Non-Geographic and Virtual Numbers

Effectively monitor your marketing campaigns and through our billing you can even identify when most calls are received by date/time.

Create call routing  plans enabling you to direct your calls to different destinations, based on dates or time of day, to match your available staffing levels.

Give your organisation a local or national presence – without having to commit to office space.

Generate revenue from incoming calls.

Whether you want to use your existing number in a different location or need  a new number.  Contact us by email or phone and we can quickly and easily set this up for you.

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