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Dorking, Surrey
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A sound strategic decision. They take away a lot of the aggravation that comes with managing a large estate of Telecoms and are regularly coming forward with proposals to a) improve efficiency, b) reduce costs or c) and most preferably, both.

From account management we all want somebody with whom we can unload problems, vent frustration, seek guidance, float ideas, rely upon when timescales are tight or budgets are small and in our account manager, Kevin Tyler, I can honestly say he does what it says on the tin!

Craig Bills
Over the last few years we have had meetings with many telecoms companies who sought to propose their system solutions for our environment. Without exception as laymen we found every salesperson spoke to us in telecoms jargon using a seemingly endless stream of mnemonics and mind numbing protocols which quite frankly went straight over our heads. We must have seen 20 different companies and were offered 20 different sounding solutions. The net result was we did nothing as we didn’t really understand what we were buying.
Darren Sealy
When we first met Joe Eldridge it was actually like a breath of fresh air. He spoke to us in language we could understand and came up with a workable solution to our forthcoming move that hit our budget restrictions and met all our time frame requirements.

We have since completed a complete move of our business with everything on time on spec and within budget. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Holly Tucker
We just wanted to say thank you for setting up our phone system and giving us training. Thank you so much for your company’s prompt, professional and efficient service. We will highly recommend you to anyone we know who is looking for a system in the future.
Ryan Finch
Thanks for the great job your engineers have done for us. They worked away with no disruption to us at all, in a building I know is very difficult to work in, which is even more impressive.
Zoe McConnell
Thank you to you and your team for being so brilliant! The guys were great and it was all incredibly efficient. We are really pleased with it all.
Jack Parker